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Henning B. was born in Oslo, the capital of Norway, in 1981. Coming from a musical family music has always been important to Henning, and it was only a matter of time before he started to explore the world of sound and composition. At an age of ten he started listening to CDs with pop tunes played with synthesizers and found great interest in the sounds these instruments could generate. At an age of 12 he started spinning records at a local youth club and found this hobby quite rewarding. Here he learned some of the most basic DJ skills and how to perform in front of a crowd. Some years later, he bought his own DJ equipment and started to develop more thoroughly DJ skills. In 1999 he was first exposed to the EDM genre trance and knew right away that this was the right genre for him. He attended several trance parties in 2000-2001 and was exposed to DJs such as Tiësto and Ferry Corsten.

Some seven years ago he started to produce his own music. His music style covers the range from melodic trance to chillout and movie music. He debates that
trance music is a genre with one of the most challenging sound pictures and therefore is a very interesting genre to explore.

The most important principle in his compositional style is focus on strong melodies and themes. A tune with a good sound picture without a strong melodic content is like watching a movie with spectacular effects, but without a decent plot. It soon becomes boring, he says.

His first radio air-time came back in 2002 with the tune ‘Follow My Lead’ which received a lot of attention.

At present Henning B. is signed to several labels and has several projects going on, Afternova being his main project. Afternova is reserved only for the best tunes. Very few tunes qualify for this alias, he says. His first tune on Trancetribe Recordings, ‘Afternova - By Your Side’, made 1. position on the Audiojelly offical Top 10 chart.

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