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Afternova - By Your Side: 10th Anniversary Mixes

We are happy to celebrate 10 years of Afternova! Yes, Afternova marked his first release on July 27, 2006, and now the world has been unbelievably blessed to have his music for 10 years.

That very first Afternova release 10 years ago was "By Your Side" on Trancetribe Recordings, and we are excited to present you with new remakes to celebrate the tenth anniversary.

The '2016 Remake' packs a lot of energy with newly enhanced epic strings from the beginning, accompanied by a serious tone and a profound and deeper melody. The breakdown is absolutely fantastic. The mood in here starts in a kind of dramatic yet mysterious deep series of chords. As the melody runs, the ambiance becomes more emotional until it is surrounded by sharper and brighter strings, definitely lighting up the main melody and giving it all its motivational strength and full enjoyment!

The '2014 Remake' starts off with solid plain beats progressively leading the way to epic emotional string synths, playing from deep to acute notes. The main driving melody becomes more intense as the pitch increases, exploding into even brighter and clearer strings! By the climax, everything is dancing in perfect harmony with the main melody, making it very powerful and pleasant to listen to.

For the 'Original Mix 2016 Update', Afternova took the original from 2006, and made a few improvements to revive the overall sound of the track.

The 'Piano Version' is a wonderful symphonic send-off full of delicate notes made by emotional piano lines, lulling listeners into deep meditation and harmony with themselves. Here, you will truly find an amazing piano composition smartly modulated by acute piano notes giving an amazing dreamy touch. This is the shortest interpretation, yet it gives you a full sense of real harmony with yourself.

This EP has been long awaited, and we are sure it will delight all uplifting trance fans!



1. By Your Side (2016 Remake) [6:29]
2. By Your Side (2014 Remake) [7:24]
3. By Your Side (Original Mix 2016 Update) [7:23]
4. By Your Side (Piano Version) [2:09]

Release Date: July 27, 2016
Catalog Number: ABRD117