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Afternova - Empathy

Review by Trance Hub:
Review by Insound:

Abora favorite Afternova is back with another powerful yet peaceful trance release. This is 'Empathy'.

Following his collaboration with Kelly Andrew, Afternova delivers now a wonderful and emotional trance release. We start off with the Original Mix, which will undoubtedly shake all the emotions in you, with its incredibly soul-stirring breakdown and its magnificent climax!

Then follows the 'Afternova Remix' version which is slightly more straight-forward and with a more club-oriented breakdown, which is perfect to play out to get one of those perfect and emotional moments during a live set.

To conclude the release, Afternova created a Radio Edit of the original mix which delivers the same feelings as the previous mixes yet skips the mixin and mixout and is perfect to playlist and to listen to at home.

Afternova shows once again with 'Empathy' that he can create wonderful emotional songs, and still remain innovative and creative!

The Original Mix was named "Week's Favorite" by Ahmed Romel, "Breakdown of the Week" by Ori Uplift, & "Favorite of the Moment" by SoundLift!

Release Date: February 16, 2015
Catalog Number: ABRD087