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Afternova - Sunset in Dubai

Afternova made a great impact on the trance scene earlier this year with "Serenity".  His second release on Abora is of equivalent magnitude, and brings along some huge remixes once again. We're treated with unique synth melodies, a warm atmospheric, uplifting breakdown and the powerful energy that will always be present in Afternova's signature style. Afternova has once again worked his magic with some very beautiful string instruments woven into the track.

Amurai fully delivers with an epic banger of a remix. His attention to detail combined with hard work and pure raw talent shine through in this uplifting, euphoric anthem.  He has chiselled the trancier parts from Afternova's original and pounded them into a hard club remix that will be sure to raise some hands!

Magnus Mykleby follows the sunset theme closely with a great progressive style interpretation.  The result is a track with a deep low bassline, classy percussion work and a breakdown as alluring as the transition from day to night.

Supported by: Armin van Buuren, Ashley Wallbridge, DJ Feel, Ernesto vs Bastian,  Manuel LeSaux, Ronski Speed, Talla 2XLC, Ex-Driver, Luke Terry, Mike St. Jules, Suzy Solar, Tempo Giusto, Veselin Tasev and many more!

Release Date: June 9, 2010
Catalog Number: ABRD024