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Andy Blueman - 2002-2005: The Beginning

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Presenting the Andy Blueman oldies album! These are all pieces he composed and produced over a decade ago — between 2002 and 2005 — and they had never been released... until now! Note that the audio quality is based on 10-year-old files, but the music still shows the genius of Andy.

Just listen to "Cloudland", and remember that it was made in 2003, long before orchestral emotional uplifting trance was considered to have begun. It's absolutely astonishing that Andy could make such an incredible orchestral uplifting piece that early in trance musical history, long before the orchestral emotional uplifting genre existed.

And throughout, this album wondrously uplifts you, or peacefully calms you down, or most likely, both at the same time!



1. Elements Of Nature (Original 2005 Mix) [2:34]
2. Beat Of Our Hearts (Original 2004 Mix) [8:50]
3. Reflections (Original 2004 Mix) [5:39]
4. For Always (Original 2003 Mix) [1:34]
5. Cydonia (Original 2004 Mix) [with Peter] [6:41]
6. Underwater Moment (Original 2004 Mix) [3:20]
7. Porque Pas (Original 2004 Mix) [7:27]
8. Alien Ocean (Original 2002 Mix) [4:16]
9. Cloudland (Original 2003 Mix) [5:44]
10. Beyond Clouds (Original 2004 Mix) [5:21]
11. Imagination (Original 2005 Mix) [10:12]
12. Underwater Symphony (Original 2005 Mix) [3:28]
13. Sundrop (Original 2003 Mix) [4:48]


The CD edition of this release was made possible through the generous support of Aaron Jiang, Dirk de Wit, Jason Fabian, Pascal Gloor, Sebastian Rusu, Tom Atle Storebø, Erik Triana, Jakub Valosek, & Alexandre Yi Kim.

Release Date: June 29, 2015
Catalog Number: ABRD090