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Andy Blueman - Time To Rest

We are extremely proud to introduce the re-release of one of the masters in the uplifting trance scene. This is "Time To Rest" by the one and only Andy Blueman.
This release package of "Time To Rest" showcases one of Andy's finest titles. If you're diving back in your memories or discovering these incredible songs for the first time, you'll be instantly hooked with this emotional breakdown featuring spoken words and statements that exemplify the heartbreak, bitterness, anger, and poignancy of a romantic breakup.

The breakdown then takes the best out of lush pads to lead onto a touching climax filled with nostalgia and melancholia. And just as memorable as the heartbreaking breakdown is the riveting electric guitar that grips you throughout.
The release also contains newly created radio edits.

The re-release of "Time To Rest" has been long-awaited and we can't wait to show what we'll release next from Andy Blueman.


1. Time To Rest (Original Mix) [8:33]
2. Time To Rest (Extended Mix) [11:07]
3. Time To Rest (Radio Edit) [4:19]
4. Time To Rest (Extended Radio Edit) [5:25]

Release Date: August 24, 2017
Catalog Number: ABRD145