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Arrakeen - Goodbye My Friend

We are honoured to welcome a newcomer to the Abora family: this is Arrakeen with his new single "Goodbye My Friend", written in memory of his friend Peter Engelson, who tragically passed away at a young age.

The release starts off with the original mix, which straightly reveals Arrakeen's composition abilities. He manages successfully to take us on a journey from a pumping introduction to an epic breakdown full of energy and delightful melodies, which is then followed by a powerful climax to which only he has the secret.

As noted, "Goodbye My Friend" was written in loving memory of Arrakeen's close friend who passed away, and the intro mix is probably the track where you can most feel the emotions behind the composition. Going straight from an elegant orchestral introduction to the dynamic bass line and rhythm. The breakdown then kicks in, followed by the glorious climax with an uplifting melody line. Arrakeen proves that tragedies can lead to great compositions.

We are also pleased to welcome Emanuele Congeddu on remix duties, with his "Mystic Take". Congeddu provides an air of mysticism and enchantment to this already marvelous song, managing to bring a different take on the breakdown and on the whole atmosphere of the track, yet keeping the emotion and its meaning in check. The breakdown is of course then followed by a sensational feeling during the climax of the composition!

This release also includes a radio edit of Emanuele Congeddu's remix.

Arrakeen has made an impactful debut on Abora, despite the painful story behind the song. He brings a memorable release to the Abora collection.



1. Goodbye My Friend (Original Mix) [8:17]
2. Goodbye My Friend (Intro Mix) [8:43]
3. Goodbye My Friend (Emanuele Congeddu Mystic Take) [6:56]
4. Goodbye My Friend (Emanuele Congeddu Mystic Take Radio Edit) [4:15]

Release Date: November 23, 2015
Catalog Number: ABRD103