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Damian Wasse - For The Angel

Russian star Damian Wasse is back with a stunner!

It's called For The Angel, and it will take you soaring, combining both a slightly dark vibe with an uplifting and euphoric theme. This massive uplifte, full of drive, energy, and power, is accompanied by the following poem:

'Very high in Heaven, on the edge of the World - an Angel lived. Only a little unusual,
not like everyone else. And his unusualness was that he did not want to live happily in Paradise with the other angels.
Although they were in divine love and harmony, the desire of this Angel for the knowledge of the world was unimaginably strong.

Once he said:
My father. Let me go on the other side of the world.

The Most High answered him:
You can leave me, my son. But you will forget that you are an angel, you will forget who your Father is.
And most importantly - you have to know the fullness of suffering and find the way home yourself.

The angel had never known or seen what suffering was, for he was always in peace and happiness. But his desire continued to grow.
Finally, the Angel called all his strength and incarnated among people.

Take care of your loved ones, kind and sincere people - avoid anger and hatred.
Perhaps among them is the this Angel.'

The release includes the Intro Edit, Original Mix and Radio Edit.


  1. For the Angel (Original Mix) [7:05]
  2. For the Angel (Radio Edit) [4:28]

Release Date: March 2, 2020
Catalog Number: ABRD209

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