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Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress - Frozen In Time: Remixes

Our label Abora Ascend is honored to present two different remixes of Derek Palmer & Hidden Tigress's entrancing song 'Frozen in Time': an acoustic mix and a Tycoos remix.

Tycoos's remix delivers an uplifting vibe thanks to energetic drums fused with vocal chops. The breakdown features deep lyrics, with Hidden Tigress's pure voice and epic nostalgic melodies that pave the way to a magnificent drop.

The Acoustic Mix starts with piano notes and cello melodies. Hidden Tigress's amazing voice then joins in, alongside a full drum set. A catchy ride cymbal provides a cool drive and awesome groove that keep the track moving forward. Throughout, the song features a riveting performance by American-Ecuadorian cellist ArDao.

The release also includes a Tycoos Dub, which focuses on the catchy vocal chops in addition to the instrumentals.

Grab these mixes now and refresh your playlist!


  1. Frozen In Time (Acoustic Mix) [4:43]
  2. Frozen In Time (Tycoos Extended Remix) [5:42]
  3. Frozen In Time (Tycoos Dub) [5:42]
  4. Frozen In Time (Tycoos Remix) [3:00]

Release Date: February 1, 2021
Catalog Number: AASC021

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