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DoubleV & Dmitry Golban - Wings of Heaven EP

DoubleV & Dmitry Golban kick off their first EP with some intense beats and incredibly mesmerizing melodies!

Dipped in a beautiful background atmosphere, Wings of Heaven really sings to one's soul. It comes together so very well from a great beginning, a brilliant break and becomes more melodic in the latter portion of the track with much more emotion infused into the mix.

Gary Afterlife brings a wide variety of elements to his remix. From piano and strings to interesting percussion, Gary moves your emotions around with this epic trancer. After his successful Southern Sunset EP [Abora Recordings], Gary demonstrates once again that his creative mind will generate some amazing productions.

Enlightenment begins with a thumping beat and leads into a lovely melody. It holds a beautiful mixture of melody, atmosphere and driving rhythms.

Spark7 really takes things to the next level with his powerful remix. He brings a wide array of delicate melodies, palpable atmosphere and an overall emotional emphasis to his well-crafted remix.

Supported by: Dash Berlin, DJ Feel, Ernesto vs Bastian, Fast Distance, Giuseppe Ottaviani, M.I.K.E., Manuel LeSaux and many more!

Release Date: March 28, 2011
Catalog Number: ABRD032