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DreamLife & Grande Piano - Lettera D'Amore

Abora Recordings is proud to welcome the two producers DreamLife & Grande Piano with their debut collaboration "Lettera D'Amore".

This release is definitely a special one. By drawing on the core elements of their styles, the two producers deliver an astonishing emotional song that will make you lift off during the breakdown, and fly during the climax. Only one word comes to mind whilst listening to this release: bravissimo!

The release also includes an intro edit as well as a radio edit.


1. Lettera D'Amore (Intro Mix) [5:50]
2. Lettera D'Amore (Original Mix) [8:27]
3. Lettera D'Amore (Radio Edit) [6:22]

Release Date: October 30, 2017
Catalog Number: ABRD152