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DreamLife & Grande Piano - True Love

DreamLife and Grande Piano team up for a wonderful collaborative release that includes several different mixes and a special remix by AirLab7. Here is 'True Love'!

Taking roots from the purest trance, this marvelous orchestral uplifter is a trip through subtle melodies and delicate harmonies. The track shines through its symphonic breakdown, with an impressive composition from both producers. The climax leads into a peak of energy that brings together the entire track.

Rounding off the release is the AirLab7 remix, which turns the core of the track into a more powerful and straight-forward version.

Also included is an orchestral mix with an extended version of the original breakdown.


1. True Love (Intro Edit) [5:30]
2. True Love (Original Mix) [8:15]
3. True Love (AirLab7 Remix) [8:00]
4. True Love (Radio Edit) [6:05]
5. True Love (AirLab7 Radio Edit) [3:59]
6. True Love (Orchestral Mix) [2:40]

Release Date: September 10, 2018
Catalog Number: ABRD180