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DreamLife & SounEmot - Every Moment With You

Abora Recordings presents DreamLife & SounEmot - 'Every Moment With You', aka 'Cada Momento Junto A Ti' in Spanish. What a gorgeous note to end the decade on!

This piano-driven uplifter has a timeless feel. Modern elements such as pulsing basslines and hypnotic rhythms blend beautifully with classical elements like the emotional string section. 'Every Moment With You' is the perfect balance of nostalgia and the present day.

This is an essential for fans of emotional uplifting trance as well as for your digital crates.


1. Cada Momento Junto A Ti (Emotional Intro Edit) [6:21]
2. Cada Momento Junto A Ti (Emotional Mix) [8:48]
3. Every Moment With You (Original Mix) [7:55]
4. Cada Momento Junto A Ti (Emotional Radio Edit) [5:09]
5. Every Moment With You (Radio Edit) [4:26]
6. Cada Momento Junto A Ti (Piano Mix) [2:10]

Release Date: December 20, 2019
Catalog Number: ABRD208