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Emanuele Congeddu & Nicolas Marriott - Lands of Arcadia

We are extremely pleased to present to you "Lands of Arcadia", a collaboration between the talented producers Emanuele Congeddu and Nicolas Marriott with additional remixes from Ikerya Project and Steve Dekay.

Starting off with the original mix of "Lands of Arcadia", Emanuele Congeddu and Nicolas Marriott bring to us an epic trance composition that will make you travel through your deepest musical emotions. From strength, with a powerful introduction that combines hard-hitting basslines and rhythmic drums. To passion, with an ecstatic breakdown filled with poignant orchestral elements, the duo show off their compositional skills with the climax of the song, which will send shivers down your spine!

The Ikerya Project remix as a follow up couldn't have been a better choice. With its faster tempo and darker atmosphere, the Serbian producer delivers another great quality remix.

Finally, the Steve Dekay remix wraps up this release with again, an incredibly dynamic and effective composition with a more straight-forward breakdown, ideal for ending DJ sets on a faster tempo or to release pressure at home!

The release also includes radio edits.

"Lands of Arcadia" proves once again that Emanuele Congeddu and Nicolas Marriott, either as a duo or separately, are at the apogee of their art, and hopefully for a long time!



1. Lands of Arcadia (Original Mix) [8:06]
2. Lands of Arcadia (Ikerya Project Remix) [7:27]
3. Lands of Arcadia (Steve Dekay Remix) [5:49]
4. Lands of Arcadia (Radio Edit) [4:54]
5. Lands of Arcadia (Ikerya Project Radio Edit) [3:51]
6. Lands of Arcadia (Steve Dekay Radio Edit) [3:11]

Release Date: June 20, 2016
Catalog Number: ABRD115