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Etasonic & Dany G - Flying In A Dream

German producer Etasonic comes back to Abora with this new release with Dany G, featuring Afternova on remix duties: "Flying in a Dream".

The release starts with the original mix. This track was originally inspired by a story told by Dany G about a girl who goes home after a tiring, rainy day, falls asleep in bed, and then dreams a bright colorful dream, in which an angel takes her flying through a beautiful happy world, full of light, full of colors, full of green meadows and flowers, and even a rainbow, until she finally wakes up.

This beautiful track is a retelling of the story into music. The original mix focuses a lot on the breakdown. Meanwhile, a pretty strong and pumping intro, piano, pads, and melodies in the breakdown are the core of this track. They then lead to a powerful and compelling climax full of emotions and feelings.

Next up is the Sentimental Mix. This is a chilled mix that elaborates upon the original breakdown, enhanced with multiple orchestral instruments. The result is an inspiring song, driven by a melancholic piano and energetic pads.

We then have the honor to present our very own Afternova's remix. We can definitely feel Afternova's spin on this one, with a very different approach to the breakdown, which is faster and more club-oriented. Filled with classic trance plucks and an emotional solo string section, the track finally leads to a gorgeous climax.

Finally, Afternova presents a wonderful orchestral mix. This one is a very special remix that contains most of what an emotional orchestra should have: great background vocals, quality powerful strings, passionate wind instruments, and a touching reverbing piano.

Etasonic, together with Dany G and Afternova, again delivers a great release. Enjoy!



1. Flying In A Dream (Original Mix) [8:31]
2. Flying In A Dream (Sentimental Mix) [4:30]
3. Flying In A Dream (Afternova Remix) [6:53]
4. Flying In A Dream (Afternova Orchestral Remix) [3:52]

Release Date: October 26, 2015
Catalog Number: ABRD101