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Etasonic vs. Mystairium - Quarantine

Etasonic and his Mystairium alias bring us a release designed for this period of quarantine we find ourselves in, due to the covid-19 pandemic that has frozen the world.

The Depressive Mix will capture how you feel stuck at home due to fear of contracting or spreading the disease - unable to go out to see friends & family, unable to go to work or school. This is an emotional uplifting trancer for when you are alone and bored, trapped by the walls around you and unable to live life.

The second track is the Active Mix. It speeds up the tempo to 140 bpm and boosts the energy. This represents the next stage, when you can start living your life again. You finally leave home, but you have to keep 2 meters away from others, and you have to wear a mask everywhere you go

Finally, the Mystairium Ambient Mix is a mysterious ambient soundscape. It is eerie. As the track goes on, time will disappear and you'll lose yourself in the sounds that flow back and forth around you.

If you want to experience in music what it feels like to be quarantined, stuck at home all by yourself in fear of the pandemic, Etasonic vs Mystairium's 'Quarantine' is for you!


  1. Quarantine (Extended Depressive Mix) [7:36]
  2. Quarantine (Extended Active Mix) [7:28]
  3. Quarantine (Depressive Radio Edit) [3:35]
  4. Quarantine (Active Radio Edit) [3:21]
  5. Quarantine (Mystairium Ambient Mix) [7:38]

Release Date: December 14, 2020
Catalog Number: ABRD239

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