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Etasonic - When You're Gone

Etasonic comes back to Abora Skies with a delightful single that will leave you speechless. This is "When You're Gone".

Straight from Germany, Etasonic delivers once again a serious uplifter that lets one's sensations emerge. "When You're Gone" delivers a clean bass line as an introduction and a marvelous breakdown that leads into a powerful and emotional climax, full of uplifting melodies and ethereal harmonies.

This release also includes an intro mix, an extended mix, a club mix, and a radio edit.


1. When You're Gone (Intro Mix) [6:22]
2. When You're Gone (Original Mix) [7:35]
3. When You're Gone (Extended Mix) [8:29]
4. When You're Gone (Club Mix) [7:07]
5. When You're Gone (Radio Edit) [3:12]

Release Date: November 6, 2017
Catalog Number: ABSK036