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Ikerya Project & Robin Vane - Kingdom

It is time for the final single taken off Ikerya Project's wonderful artist album 'Transmigration', and it is a keeper! This is Kingdom, an outstanding uplifting vocal trancer by Serbian favorite Ikerya Project & Dutch vocalist Robin Vane.

The Original Mix is a remaster of the album version. Robin's groovy vocals, powerful lyrics, and uber-cool ad libs combine with Ikerya Project's fast-moving instrumentals and huge climax to give us an awesome uptempo track that you'll want to sing along with.

Sunyella & Anton van Sprundel's remix is a smooth emotional uplifter, again centered on Robin's groovy vocals and his moving lyrics, now with some additional vocal chops added in too.

This is one of those songs where you will want to sing along with the lyrics. So when you play it live, prepare to point the microphone to the crowd for them to belt out the chorus.

In both mixes, the vocals have a catchy and awesome groove. If you love catchy music featuring a male vocalist - or are looking for uptempo songs that your dancefloor will want to sing along with - you will love Kingdom!


  1. Kingdom (Original Mix)
  2. Kingdom (Sunyella & Anton van Sprundel Remix)
  3. Kingdom (Radio Edit)
  4. Kingdom (Sunyella & Anton van Sprundel Radio Edit)

Release Date: July 27, 2020
Catalog Number: ABRD227

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