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Ikerya Project - Ikeriana

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We are very proud to present Ikerya Project’s debut album, Ikeriana.

In the making for over three years, this album brilliantly showcases the multifaceted talent of young Serbian producer Erik Iker and his other project, Ikerya Project. With not less than 11 tracks, we are brought into a wonderful musical journey.

We start with “A Newborn”, a very soft and relaxed chillout tune, made in collaboration with Balearía from Algeria.

With the merging of his two projects, we continue with two progressive tracks, “Night in the Desert” and “Books on the Shelf”.

We then move into the uplifting part of our journey, with enchanting flutes in “World Beauty”, refreshing leads in “Green Fields”, and truly uplifting melodies in “My Soulmate”.

This leads us to “Dragana Song”, where far-off voices, a piano, and plucks interweave to form a beautiful song dedicated to his loving wife, Dragana.

Finally, we carry on with a pinch of melancholy in “Lovely November”, towards the very emotional “Motherland”. After a short detour to visit the energetic leads of “Waiting For You To Come”, we finish our way in the glorious kingdom of “Ikeriana”.

This release sets a new milestone in Ikerya Project’s promising career, and is a must-have in every trance lover’s collection of albums.



1. Ikerya Project & Balearía - A Newborn [4:54]
2. Ikerya Project & Erik Iker - Night In The Desert [7:30]
3. Ikerya Project & Erik Iker - Books On The Shelf [7:46]
4. Ikerya Project - World Beauty [7:04]
5. Ikerya Project - Green Fields [6:50]
6. Ikerya Project - My Soulmate [6:50]
7. Ikerya Project - Dragana Song [8:05]
8. Ikerya Project - Lovely November [6:15]
9. Ikerya Project - Motherland [8:06]
10. Ikerya Project - Waiting For You To Come [7:13]
11. Ikerya Project - Ikeriana [7:11]

Release Date: July 20, 2015
Catalog Number: ABRD091