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Ikerya Project - Transmigration

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We are thrilled to present the second artist album of Serbian wonder Erik Iker, aka Ikerya Project.

Spanning the range of uplifting to progressive, vocal trance to orchestral trance, and electronic chillout to symphonic, the album features exotic sounds and beats from around the globe.

Erik has also teamed up with other top artists. The album includes collaborations with Danny Claire, Robin Vane, Dreamy, O.B.M Notion, Cyber, and Myk Bee.

"Dark Felurian" is the introduction to the album. It's a complex electronic chillout track combining misty atmospheres with intricate drum beats.

"Ese Amor" is a truly wonderful piece of violin-led progressive trance, centered on a groovy solo violin.

"Kingdom" is an outstanding vocal track that features the wonderful voice of Robin Vane. "Kingdom" shows its full potential during the breakdown, with some sensational lyrics followed by a powerful climax!

"Moonbow" is the fourth track of the album and takes you on a journey filled with oriental instruments, a journey featuring a glorious breakdown and pleasing climax melodies!

"Dolma" is also a fully instrumental track. It explores the horizons of lush melodies and also features an orchestral breakdown. The main combination of melodies and drums during the climax will surely send shivers down your spine!

The next track is an epic cinematic journey filled with experimentations and wistful sounds! It's called "In The Deepest Mind", and it's a dark symphonic/electronic piece that blends metallic drums, heavy orchestral lines, and mysterious pluck sounds!

"Plavalaguna" is a beautiful collaboration with rising-star Myk Bee. "Plavalaguna" sets itself into the lands of uplifting trance, with its fast-paced beats, ethereal breakdown and rhythmic climax.

"Goodbye" features heartfelt, haunting lyrics and wistful, ethereal vocals along with an upbeat oriental-style orchestral breakdown, emotional melodies, powerful basslines, and punchy kicks.

"Mysterious Forest" is one of the most captivating tunes of this album. With its unique approach to uplifting beats and unique synths, Ikerya Project combines perfectly pumping drums with an elegant guitar sound, that marks its apogee with enchanting melodies during the climax. It features atmospheric female vocals, dark exotic vibes, and ethnic oriental instruments throughout.

"Drimerya" is the final collaboration on this album. Teaming up with Danish talent Dreamy. Both producers deliver an epic tune with captivating beats, contemplative synths and a poignant breakdown.

"Under The Shadow Of The Moon" is the second orchestral track of "Transmigration". Its combination of sensitive strings with energetic and massive drums and touching piano lines will surely strike your deepest feelings!

"Ra" kicks off with pounding basslines, sharp acid lines, and epic spoken phrases. It then shows its true beauty during a wonderful breakdown with oriental flavors that leads straight into one of the most powerful climaxes that uplifting trance has witnessed this year.

Next up is "Resplendency", which leads you through a glorious world of delightful harmonies, airy melodies, intriguing flutes, and a breath-taking climax.

"Transmigration" is the title track. It marks the end of your musical journey and gracefully concludes the album on highly energetic beats and euphoric vibes, leaving your mind replete with positive emotions.

Enjoy this diverse journey through exotic sounds and beats from around the world!


1. Dark Felurian [1:38]
2. Ese Amor (with Cyber) [5:48]
3. Kingdom (feat. Robin Vane) [5:17]
4. Moonbow [6:50]
5. Dolma [6:26]
6. In The Deepest Mind [3:18]
7. Plavalaguna (with Myk Bee) [6:48]
8. Goodbye (with O.B.M Notion & Danny Claire) [6:54]
9. Mysterious Forest [6:14]
10. Drimerya (with Dreamy) [6:47]
11. Under The Shadow Of The Moon [4:05]
12. Ra [6:21]
13. Resplendency [6:32]
14. Transmigration [6:05]

Release Date: May 15, 2017
Catalog Number: ABRD140