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illitheas - Moments With You

Uplifting favorite Bernie Gums, aka illitheas, needs little introduction when it comes to delivering powerful yet emotional epic masterpieces. His new release, "Moments With You", showcases one of his most brilliant works to date.

The original mix perfectly captures the emotional trance spirit. Packing lively basslines, it is filled with a cheerful epic melody and some brilliant lush pads progressively leading the way into a very emotional breakdown, which starts off with unexpected rolling light piano notes that will definitely take your breath away and give you serious goosebumps!

The intro mix takes us into a deep meditation. As the delicate melody of singing birds runs along with a heart-warming piano, we are progressively lifted up by the blend of the heroic strings and bright plucks until it explodes into a magical climax full of enthusiasm!

The club mix enhances the clubby beats and shortens the breakdown, while still transporting you in a wonderful ballad of emotions. The release also includes a radio edit.

This new uplifter by illitheas definitely fulfills or exceeds the sky-high expectations we always have for any illitheas release. As always, it gives us a wonderful sense of fulfillment and enjoyment, epitomizing what feel-good emotional epic trance really is!



1. Moments With You (Intro Mix) [5:44]
2. Moments With You (Original Mix) [7:35]
3. Moments With You (Club Mix) [6:40]
4. Moments With You (Radio Edit) [4:19]

Release Date: October 21, 2016
Catalog Number: ABSK025