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INCI3ION - Glorious EP

South African wizard returns to Abora Symphonic with a glorious and riveting EP. Perfect for use in a film or just to listen on one's own, this EP presents four tracks that span a range of cinematic and orchestral moods.

Invasion is a huge cinematic wonder. It begins with a foreboding atmosphere and rhythmic strings, adds in orchestral percussion and vocal effects, and then after the entry of majestic horns, it transforms into a glorious, uplifting, and melodic inspiring theme.

Dark Forest is a dark, spooky, electronic composition. It features frenzied orchestral drums, acid sounds, distorted samples, and disconcerting, intimidating rhythms.

Glorious is a softer, more peaceful and harmonious affair, led by angelic vocals surrounded y warm horns. The feel-good and inspiring atmosphere will give you the feeling of heaven.

Veteran is a wonderful and melodic film-score-style symphonic piece that will uplift your soul and make you smile as it fills you with peace, hope, and well-being. The warm and uplifting melody will carry you on a journey through far-off lands, and then bring you back hope in contentment and satisfaction. We are sure you will love this wonderful tune.


  1. Invasion (Original Mix) [4:05]
  2. Dark Forest (Original Mix) [3:43]
  3. Glorious (Original Mix) [4:08]
  4. Veteran (Original Mix) [3:48]

Release Date: August 19, 2020
Catalog Number: ABSY019

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