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Inzite vs Another Dimension - Foreverest

We are honored to welcome a new face to the Abora family with a very special remake of a track that turns 15 years old this year. This is 'Foreverest', an alluring remake from Russian producer Another Dimension.

The original track from Inzite, 'Everest', was originally released in 2003. It's with a great love for this track that Another Dimension turns 'Everest' into 'Foreverest' and gives a new breath of life to this memorable tune.

Keeping the original soul of the track, Another Dimension adds more complex rhythms, brighter pads and leads, and refreshes the overall atmosphere in a way that showcases his compositional talents.

This release also includes the original track that was released on GK Recordings in 2003.


1. Inzite vs Another Dimension - Foreverest (Original Mix) [8:08]
2. Inzite vs Another Dimension - Foreverest (Radio Edit) [3:40]
3. Inzite - Everest (Original 2003 Mix) [8:34]

Release Date: June 25, 2018
Catalog Number: ABRD173