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KBK & Nayenne - Tears of an Angel

Abora Ascend - Abora's label for vocal orchestral uplifting trance - is delighted to host a brand new song entitled 'Tears of an Angel', by Polish duo KBK and Nayenne.

The song delivers energetic drums and smooth pads merged with the angelic voice of Nayenne. The breakdown features terrific piano notes and rising melodies fused with a moving narration by Nayenne to lead to an amazing drop.

Don't cry any tears. Instead, update your playlist and dance away to this beautiful song!


  1. Tears of an Angel (Extended Mix) [7:06]
  2. Tears of an Angel (Original Mix) [4:47]
  3. Tears of an Angel (Extended Dub) [7:06]
  4. Tears of an Angel (Dub Mix) [4:47]

Release Date: November 26, 2021
Catalog Number: AASC024

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