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Kelly Andrew - Xanadu

We are very pleased to welcome back to Abora Skies one of Abora's most beloved artists, the extremely talented American producer Kelly Andrew, who delivers the wonderful "Xanadu".

Starting off with the original trance mix, Kelly shows that since "Wonderland" a year ago he hasn't lost any of his tremendous uplifting trance composition magic. It features a powerful and pumping bass line that builds up to a short but efficient breakdown. You can directly hear the original and creative main melody that only Kelly knows how to compose. The original trance mix of "Xanadu" completely finds its spot in any uplifting trance set in clubs or just to play on your home sound system.

The second version of "Xanadu" is more oriented towards the orchestral side of uplifting trance. It goes from a distinctive introduction phase to a gorgeous orchestral breakdown with unique oriental instruments that lead up to an emotional climax. Kelly displays once again all the production and composition skills he has to create a masterpiece within trance.

Kelly makes a successful return to Abora Skies after one year, and we very look forward to hearing more from him!



1. Xanadu (Original Trance Mix) [7:18]
2. Xanadu (Orchestral Trance Mix) [8:34]

Release Date: November 16, 2015
Catalog Number: ABSK019