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Khairy Ahmed - Jamillah

Edge One is back with more stunning uplifting trance. This time with Egyptian magician Khairy Ahmed bringing you his uplifting work 'Jamillah', joined by duo Kiyoi & Eky with an ultimate tech-trance remix armed with mighty synth shots, uplifting melodies and club-wrecking bassline which will make you lose control on the dancefloor.



1. Jamillah (Original Mix) [7:32]
2. Jamillah (Kiyoi & Eky Remix) [6:46]
3. Jamillah (Radio Edit) [3:41]
4. Jamillah (Kiyoi & Eky Radio Edit) [3:20]

Release Date: February 18, 2019
Catalog Number: EDGE080