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Kometillo with Alaera - Imagine Me Here

Our label Abora Recordings hosts another wonderful vocal tune, entitled 'Imagine Me Here' and written by Spanish producer Kometillo and Ukrainian vocalist Alaera.

This gem delivers a tuneful drive, energetic atmosphere, and uplifting drums. The breakdown is magical and nostalgic and lifts you to another state, thanks to Alaera's angelic voice and magnificent melodies. The drop is terrific and will take you to a world full of magical vibes.

In addition to the original 138 uplifting version, the release also includes a 122 bpm Progressive Mix, which is a different production, for those who prefer a slower tempo and housier vibe. Dub mixes are also included.

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  1. Imagine Me Here (Extended Mix) [8:07]
  2. Imagine Me Here (Extended Progressive Mix) [4:15]
  3. Imagine Me Here (Radio Edit) [5:20]
  4. Imagine Me Here (Progressive Radio Edit) [3:46]
  5. Imagine Me Here (Dub Mix) [8:08]
  6. Imagine Me Here (Progressive Dub Mix) [4:15]


Something from you
Suddenly made me breathe in
Something is new
Magic, and strong, and easy
Something from you
And I'm again believing
I have this cure
Happiness is given

Imagine, just imagine me here
Every night, feeling bright with you
Imagine, just imagine me here
Shining lights, endless flights with you

Release Date: November 23, 2020
Catalog Number: ABRD236

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