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Kvaii - SHMILY

Please don't ask me why I love you; I love you so deeply.
Please don't say I'm too infatuated, I only have you in my eyes.
Some people say that men and women in love can easily lose themselves.
But I know very clearly how important you are to me.
Don't say love is bitter; I just want to say, see how much I love you.

Enjoy 'Shmily', a love song from Chinese producer Kvaii.


  1. SHMILY (Emotional Intro Mix) [10:39]
  2. SHMILY (Extended Mix) [9:17]
  3. SHMILY (Original Mix) [6:39]
  4. SHMILY (Radio Edit) [5:45]
  5. SHMILY (Orchestral Mix) [3:23]

Release Date: July 22, 2022
Catalog Number: ABSK104

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