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Lyctum & Spinney Lainey - Wake Up

We are proud to welcome to Edge one of the biggest names in the psy scene, Mr. Dejan Jovanovic, better known as Lyctum. In collaboration with Spinney Lainey, a female flautist and producer, he is bringing to us a very harmonic and expressive melodic psy-trance piece which will blow our mind away. This soothing combination between the flute and the electronic beats is put together so naturally that it is able to offer you both calming peace and subtle flashes of anger at the same time in order to be enfolded into a magical environment.

On the other side, the man whom everyone is talking about is back to our family with the intuition to give his unique touch to the original sounds. His angry and oriental sounds were obligatory for such a beautiful creation and Milad proved once again that he is one of the names with a special capability to impress every trance fan and to give you an opportunity to get a view of this unknown world.

You can't miss this one!

Release Date: January 13, 2014
Catalog Number: EDGE024

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