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MaDI - Summer Breeze

MaDI treats us to a warm classy track to help bring the best of summer to wherever you are.  He also includes a breathtaking Original Intro Mix and banging Big Room Club Mix with this release. 

Summer Breeze keeps the Abora theme alive nicely with a massive soundscape filled with progressive synths, driving basslines, punchy percussion, and Balearic-inspired guitar plucks for added spice.  The breakdown is where we feel the breeze as MaDI makes use of cool pads and beautiful vocal samples that'll be sure to help the temperature from rising too high.

The Original Intro Mix is a gorgeous way to start off your night as MaDI uses chill-inspiring atmospheric elements to help bring his Original to life. The very tasteful use of pads and female vocal samples for the first minute help wake this track up from a dream into reality.

MaDI kicks things up a notch with his Big Room Club Mix. This time the breakdown is intended to get more hands in the sky and voices screaming with a new plucked lead and a more energetic composition. When the breakdown drops, MaDI's skill as a producer shines! He creates a gigantic feel with his unique minimal synth and percussion work.

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Release Date: August 26, 2010
Catalog Number: ABRD026