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Magdalen Silvestra - Hear The Stars Cry

We welcome Magdalen Silvestra to Abora Symphonic with a moving and breathtaking song, set to a powerful symphonic orchestra and featuring poignant lyrics, presented as a marvelous poem with an environmental theme.

Magdalen wanted to write a song in the style of a traditional lament. She chose, for the subject, an ecological theme, something very close to her heart, the destruction of our forests.

The song begins quite gently, the vocals accompanied by piano, setting the scene and describing the magical atmosphere of a moonlit walk in the forest under the stars. The orchestration becomes more and more powerful as the tale unfolds.
Using the vocals as the focus Melodic Culture creates a huge and stunning composition, featuring all the aspects and sections of a large and powerful orchestra, to give both the feeling and sound of a live performance.

This has been a huge and unique project that both artists have worked on for many months and together they have created a very beautiful, and emotional vocal/orchestral piece with a truly magical atmosphere and a poignant and powerful message.

Lyrics: Hear The Stars Cry

I walked woodland paths by the light of the moon
The night was so still and the owls flew close by
The trees whispered prayers to the breeze in the night
To the heavens above and the stars shining bright

By day machines came to tear and destroy
To rip up the trees to wound Mother Earth
The destruction I saw brought such sadness and pain
That no night would I walk in the forest again

The land is laid bare trees taken away
To deck someone's back yard where the green grass once lay
That night I looked up to the vast empty sky
No trees whispered prayers I could hear the stars cry

The vast greed of those who can't hear the earth cry
With their passion to own what's not just theirs by birth
Their spirit is weak they cheat and they lie
With their hand on the axe they can only destroy

There's only one earth not for rich men a toy
We were born to create not born to destroy
There's plenty for all if we just shared the joy
Of this beautiful earth sacred gift from our birth

Written by Magdalen Silvestra


  1. Hear The Stars Cry (Original Mix) [5:14]

Release Date: July 1, 2020
Catalog Number: ABSY016

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