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Miikka Leinonen & Josie Sandfeld - Love Again Die Again

Miikka Leinonen and Josie Sandfeld team up to bring us an awesome vocal uplifter entitled 'Love Again Die Again'! With a smooth flow and euphoric feel, this song features catchy melodies and lovely vocals.

On remix duties, we're excited to have Abora favorite Erik Iker under his Ikerya Project alias. The Serbian veteran delivers a punchy reinterpretation of the song. With hard-hitting kicks, energetic rolling basslines, and soft plucks it maintains the uplifting feel.


  1. Love Again Die Again (Extended Mix)
  2. Love Again Die Again (Ikerya Project Extended Remix)
  3. Love Again Die Again (Original Mix)
  4. Love Again Die Again (Ikerya Project Remix)


Someday, someone
Will love me

Someday, somehow
My burden
Fades away

And someday, I will
Fulfill my fate
And die again

Release Date: September 24, 2021
Catalog Number: ABRD260

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