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Mr Glorius - Phoenixia

Abora Symphonic is pleased to welcome a new face to the family. This is Mr Glorius presenting his new EP 'Phoenixia'.

Starting off with 'Phoenixia', Mr Glorius sets up the tempo and the overall rhythm of this EP. With powerful drums and cello lines, 'Phoenixia' will surely make any of your activities feel epic with this track in the background.

The second track, 'Brave', emphasizes the overall tone of this EP by providing an emotional piece of orchestral music that explores the depths of minor scales and melancholic feelings.

'Elegantia (The Waltz N°2)' majestically concludes this EP in a way that has rarely been heard before. With its mysterious oboe and delicate piano melodies, Mr Glorius takes us on a final waltz that will make you want more of his unique compositions!

An extended version of 'Phoenixia' is included as a bonus, featuring a wonderful piano intro and a longer chorus.


1. Phoenixia [3:30]
2. Brave [5:45]
3. Elegantia (The Waltz N°2) [4:55]
4. Phoenixia (Extended Soundtrack) [5:24]

Release Date: May 9, 2018
Catalog Number: ABSY006

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