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Myths & Legends, Mixed by SoundLift

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The much-awaited first mix compilation from SoundLift has arrived! With exclusive tracks specifically selected for this release, he has woven a magnificent auditory saga. Unique and exotic, it is truly an experience for the adventurous listener. The mood is set from the first few seconds as the intro takes you deep into the jungle.

The digital version of the compilation includes both the full 2-part compilation mixed by SoundLift, as well as the original 20 full-length tracks by artists such as SoundLift, Aiera, Nery, [email protected] and many more. Join these trance heroes as they take you on an ancient journey of epic proportions. Let your imagination guide you!

The CD edition of this compilation was made possible through the generous support of Mario the Aussie and Abhinav Shukla.


Part 1
01. Sérgio Pereira - Phoenix
02. D&Z - Lovely
03. Monkey Top Saloon - 5th Avenue
04. SoundLift - The Mountain
05. Bryan EL - Solarian (Original 2012 Mix)
06. Nery - Inesquecivel
07. Ozo Effy - The Great Journey
08. Laker & Mihailov - Rainy Day
09. Gary Afterlife - Waiting For The Sunrise (Mike Foyle Remix)
10. Kelly Andrew - Across The Sea (Orchestral Mix)

Part 2
01. Gregory Esayan - Only Travel
02. Vax - Let There Be Light (Up & Forward Remix)
03. Spark7 - In My Mind
04. [email protected] - Nemesis
05. Dreamy & Ikerya Project - Life Of Emotions
06. SoundLift - Last Goodbye
07. Subimpact - Someone Like You
08. Aiera - Dunes
09. Miroslav Vrlik feat. Martin Jurenka - Discovery
10. Farhad Mahdavi - Parthia

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Release Date: July 30, 2012
Catalog Number: ABRD041