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Nery - Sagrada Familia

The Intro Mix starts out with a warm piano that soothes the soul. The piano sneaks in, giving the track life, and it gives you the feeling that you’re in heaven. Then the vocals are led in to let you hear angels up to the uplift. The main chorus is full of melodies and light bass kicks that make this a very emotional track.

The Original Mix starts out with a rolling bassline, leading the melody slowly in. The buildup has a very melodic piano that carries you towards the breakdown. The breakdown has a very heavenly vocal that lifts your spirit up high, leading towards the uplift that soars above the heavens. The main chorus keeps you feeling as if you’re in heaven with warm pads and soothing melodies, in addition to bass kicks that keep you moving.

The Illitheas Remix starts with clubbier bass kicks, with the warm pads sneaking into the track. The buildup is full of rolling basslines with very melodic piano and a hint of vocals within the melody leading into the breakdown. The breakdown is full of emotional vocals that accent the piano tear drops during the breakdown leading into the uplift. The main chorus is filled with the piano melody, which is highly addicting with the warm pads keeping you full of energy.

The Illitheas Club Edit offers a much rougher ride, with pounding bass kicks and searing riffs. The buildup is much harder hitting, with harder synths and vocals hinting in the background. The melody is much more defined in this edit, making it much more danceable. The breakdown has faster piano tear drops with heavenly vocals, making it a bit more emotional. The main chorus has major basslines with a soothing melody that make you want to move throughout the whole track. Club use is recommended.

This release also contains a radio edit of the Illitheas Remix.

Release Date: March 10, 2013
Catalog Number: ABRD054