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Nick V - Crimea

Nick V makes an impressive debut on Abora Recordings with his latest hit, "Crimea".

The original mix of "Crimea" starts off this release. With its pumping introduction blending powerful basslines and subtle tribal hits, the song then goes into a marvelous vocal breakdown, combined with epic emotional melodies. The beat drops where you wouldn't expect it, and works surprisingly well together with this melancholic melody riff.

The orchestral mix of "Crimea" takes out the essence of the original mix, and enhances it with strong orchestral influences. By adding strings, drums and piano, Nick V definitely made the right choice to convert his original mix into this orchestral beauty.

After listening to "Crimea", we are assured that you will agree with us that Nick V makes a powerful debut on Abora Recordings, and we will deliver many quality releases to yours truly in the future.



1. Crimea (Original Mix) [7:22]
2. Crimea (Orchestral Mix) [3:53]

Release Date: February 22, 2016
Catalog Number: ABRD109