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Oren - Dreamfields / Winds of Spring

Oren begins his journey as a trance artist with his first release on Abora Recordings, a beautiful EP that is a lasting piece of melodic art.

'Dreamfields' starts off with warm progressive basslines and subtle arps that seamlessly filter throughout the song giving it that true Balearic and dreamy sound. The breakdown features some beautiful piano playing that sits comfortably with the vast atmosphere Oren creates, complemented with deep pads and a euphoric piano riff after the drop.  Truly a dream tune for Balearic music lovers!

Spark7's remix features a smooth but fierce bassline sidechained with some deep vibrant atmospheric layers. The breakdown effortlessly progresses with some divine pads that filter towards a melodic synth riff that will leave any listener with goosebumps from such a euphoric and uplifting trance sound.

'Winds of Spring' Has a more aggressive nature with the pulsing bassline and chords that stab during the intro. Again, Oren's intricate breakdown melodies accompanied by vocal chops, lush atmospheres and bright uplifting synths lead into a memorable melodic journey that will leave you coming back for more.

Blue Tente pumps out this faster uplifting beauty with elements that are guaranteed to move you. The bassline drives the track with powerful pads that play during the intro and breakdown. The track has an incredibly large big room sound that would suit any peak time set. The melody elevates the track to a whole new level giving it a heavenly, melodious vibe.

Supported by: Giuseppe Ottaviani, Kaeno, Manuel LeSaux, Mark Pledger, Mr. Pit, Akira Kayosa, Six Senses, SoundLift, Spark7, Suncatcher, Tempo Giusto, Ex-Driver, Angel Ace, Suzy Solar and many more!

Release Date: November 28, 2011
Catalog Number: ABRD036