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Paul Hided & Airzoom - The Soul of Tabity

Paul Hided & Airzoom proudly present "The Soul of Tabity", their debut collaboration on Abora Recordings.

The release begins with an uplifting original track that delivers an amazing driving bass line coupled with a euphoric melody. Lovely guitar plucks add emotion to a track that serves as a perfect taste of things to come.

The track evolves into a splendid breakdown that features gorgeous vocals and a pleasant piano melody. The climax that follows is replete with the kind of energy befitting an uplifting trance live-set. But then listeners at home are in for a treat as well, for this track sounds equally amazing on headphones or speakers.

The release also includes a dub edit, which is like the original mix but with the vocals removed, and a shortened radio edit, which doesn't fail to deliver the high epicness from the original mix.

As an added bonus, the release includes a chillout mix of the title track, wherein Paul Hided & Airzoom demonstrate their wide array of composition skills. It is an opportunity to rest and reflect as the guitar and piano instrumentals take center stage, and a mellow drum beat sets the pace.

Allow yourself to be transformed, and take a journey into "The Soul of Tabity".



1. The Soul of Tabity (Original Mix) [8:55]
2. The Soul of Tabity (Dub Edit) [8:55]
3. The Soul of Tabity (Radio Edit) [4:10]
4. The Soul of Tabity (Chillout Mix) [4:45]

Release Date: September 7, 2015
Catalog Number: ABRD095