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Uplifting Only is Ori Uplift's weekly 2-hour podcast of orchestral uplifting and uplifting trance. The show features the best & newest in orchestral uplifting and uplifting trance, including world premieres from Abora & other labels. The 1st episode of each month focuses on uplifting vocal trance. The 2nd, 4th, & 5th episodes of the month are instrumental-only.

Each Thursday, a new episode airs on's Epic Trance channel at 1200 EST/EDT, which usually corresponds to 1800 CET / 2130 IST. It is posted to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube, & iTunes as a podcast soon thereafter. It then airs on about 100 radio stations in 21 countries, listed below. For all episodes, links, and tracklists, go to


Weekly Exclusive Premiere:  Digitally Imported - Epic Trance Channel Every Thursday 12:00 14:00     online: link  
24/7: Digital Impulse - Ori Uplift Channel No-talking version of show plays continuously     online: link  
Featured: Diesel FM Every Monday 22:00 0:00     online: link  
Station and Air Time by Country              
Argentina Every Tuesday 2:00 4:00   GMT-03:00 online: link  
Argentina Magazine Click Every Saturday 15:00 16:00   GMT-03:00 online: link  
Argentina TEC RADIO Every Sunday 3:00 5:00   GMT-03:00 fm: 88.7 Mhz. Buenos Aires (West Area) online: link
Aruba Cool fm 98.9 Every Sunday 3:00 5:00   GMT-04:00 fm: 98.9cool  
Belgium Every Sunday 0:00 2:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Brazil Rádio Na Balada Every Monday 22:00 0:00   GMT-03:00 online: link  
Canary Islands Reef Fm Tenerife Every Monday 21:00 23:00   GMT+01:00 fm: 97.15  
France Millenium FM Every Tuesday 19:00 21:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
France Every Sunday 16:00 18:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Germany Basslover-Technots Every Sunday 21:00 23:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Germany Musiclovers.FM Every Tuesday 20:00 22:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Hungary ClubMania Radio Every Thursday 0:00 1:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Ireland Inferno Radio Every Friday 3:01 1:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
Isle of Man 1Mix Radio Every Sunday 17:00 19:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
Italy Cyber One Radio Every Sunday 22:00 0:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Italy radio taranto uno Every Tuesday 19:15 21:15   GMT+02:00 fm: 92.3 online: link
Italy Trance-Energy Radio Every Monday 15:00 17:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Mexico Escucha Trance México Every Monday 12:00 14:00   GMT-05:00 online: link  
Mexico Magik Trance Every Monday 12:00 14:00   GMT-05:00 online: link  
Mexico Radio InterDual Every Wednesday 12:00 14:00   GMT-05:00 online: link  
Portugal KUL RADIO Every Tuesday 22:00 0:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
Portugal rádio kapa Every Sunday 5:00 7:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
Romania Radio XFM Romania Every Saturday 18:00 20:00   GMT+03:00 online: link  
Russia BIGTUNESradio (BTR) Every Thursday 11:50 13:50   GMT+03:00 online: link  
Russia Lumix FM Every Monday 22:00 0:00   GMT+03:00 online: link  
Russia pilot fm Every Sunday 0:00 2:00   GMT+05:00 fm: 100.4 fm Yekaterinburg, Russia online: link
Russia Revolution Radio Every Tuesday 19:00 21:00   GMT+03:00 online: link  
Singapore AXR Every Saturday 18:00 20:00   GMT+08:00 online: link  
Spain hits music radio barcelona Every Sunday 0:00 2:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Spain Solodance Radio Every Wednesday 19:00 21:00   GMT+02:00 online: link  
Ukraine mix-fm Every Friday 0:00 2:00   GMT+03:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Addicted To Music Radio Every Saturday 4:00 6:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Club Sounds Radio Every Sunday 11:00 13:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Clubland FM Every Monday 23:00 1:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Dance Attack FM Every Tuesday 23:00 0:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Exclusive FM Every Monday 6:00 8:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Housebeat Radio Every Thursday 12:00 12:59   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Midnight Sessions Every Sunday 16:00 18:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Paul FM Every Wednesday 18:00 20:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Rave 24-7 Every Sunday 22:00 0:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United Kingdom Richidance FM Every Thursday 21:00 23:00   GMT+01:00 online: link  
United States Every Monday 1:00 3:00   GMT-05:00 online: link  
United States Diesel FM Every Monday 22:00 0:00   GMT-04:00 online: link  
United States Digitally Imported Every Thursday 12:00 14:00     online: link  
United States LazerFM / Chicago Every Wednesday 0:00 14:00   GMT-05:00 fm: 104.9 FM Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires, Argentina online: link
United States PARTY103 Every Tuesday 13:00 15:00   GMT-04:00 online: link  
United States Pulse Radio Lake County Every Monday 12:00 14:00   GMT-05:00 dab: WSRL-DB online: link
United States The pool fm 90.9 Every Saturday 1:00 2:00   GMT-04:00 fm: 90.9 FM Knoxville Tennessee  
Venezuela Be Music Every Saturday 21:00 23:00   GMT-04:30 online: link  

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