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Receptive & New World - Hope at Dawn: Part 1

Receptive & New World, both of whom are key staffers in Abora's A&R department, make their debut on their own label with the truly uplifting track "Hope at Dawn".

The Original Mix leads off with a surging bassline complemented by subtle synths and guitars. The character of the buildup slowly intensifies as the synths and instruments become more defined. As the breakdown arrives, warm pads set the backdrop for a strong guitar melody accompanied by an emotional piano riff. At the turning point of the breakdown, the soaring lead is introduced and the emotions begin to swell towards the peak of energy. The main chorus explodes into an emotional, melodic ride, while the piano and arpeggiated synths carry you through to the end. A track suited for the emotional fans.

Abora's very own A&R manager, [email protected], offers us a very different remix. The heavy melody and strong bassline create a sound fit for the clubs. The buildup hits much harder and makes you want to dance, while in the breakdown you will hear a heavenly vocal that carries you into blissful peace. The main chorus releases with deep bass kicks and melodic beats while the vocals keep serenading you to the end. A track suited for the dancefloors.

Magdelayna's Chilled Remake starts off with soothing waves and arpeggios that provide the atmosphere of the track. The increasing synth rolls keep the atmosphere of the track strong and serene as they guide you to eternal peace. The light percussion sounds personify a beating heart and give life to the music. This track will surely help you drift off to a distant dreamland while the finishing piano notes will soothe your mind and soul.

The release also includes a Radio Edit.


1. Receptive & New World - Hope at Dawn (Original Mix)
2. Receptive & New World - Hope at Dawn ([email protected] Remix)
3. Receptive & New World - Hope at Dawn (Magdelayna's Chilled Remake)
4. Receptive & New World - Hope at Dawn (Radio Edit)

Release Date: February 12, 2013
Catalog Number: ABRD051