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Sequence 11 feat. Aliciya Angel - Until We Meet Again

Sequence 11 presents his debut release on Abora Recordings together with the beautiful and talented Aliciya Angel.  Deep electro basslines and heavy percussion slam hard and pull us deep into the track while soft vocals and uplifting melodies bring us back up for a breath of air.  Be sure to check out the radio and dub mixes.

The Steve Wensley remix packs in some surprises with an intricate mix of spaced-out ethereal vocals and uplifting melodies slammed together into a monster mix.  It brings back some nostalgia for the late 90's trance while exploring some newer influences at the same time.

Afternova gives us something we've really been waiting for - his first remix on Abora Recordings.  He drops a very classy remix that weaves a harmony of beautiful synth work, piano and percussion that takes us on an epic journey of pure melodies.

Supporting DJs: 4 Strings, Activa, Airbase, Ashley Wallbridge, Daniel Kandi, Flash Brothers, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Icone, Juventa, M.I.K.E., MaDI, Manuel LeSaux, Phynn, Tempo Giusto, The Flyers & Mike Sonar, Ulrich Van Bell, Vast Vision, Amurai, Suzy Solar and many more!

Featured on: DI.FM, Sirius/XM, FreeStyle FM radio, Promo Only

Release Date: December 16, 2010
Catalog Number: ABRD028