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SoundLift - Blissful Blue Sky

SoundLift is back on Abora's main imprint with his new summer beauty, entitled "Blissful Blue Sky". This one foregoes the orchestral elements he is usually known for and instead represents a non-orchestral style of laid-back summery "pure trance".

The original mix, with a faster rhythm, presents us with a carefree breeze of summer from the start. Atmospheric pads help carry the flavor of the season with beautiful pluck melodies until the break, giving the listener a fresh sensation.

The emotional mix is slower, and adds a piano and gorgeous synths to the composition. Clocking in at 134 bpm, it is intended for more laid-back moments.

Both mixes use the same lead trance melody after the break, which tend to rise with the climbing of the track, and make it appealing to the ears.

So if you're looking for some pure summer vibes with a laid-back groove, "Blissful Blue Sky" is for you!



1. Blissful Blue Sky (Original Mix) [6:53]
2. Blissful Blue Sky (Emotional Mix) [7:02]

Release Date: August 5, 2016
Catalog Number: ABRD119