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SoundLift - Essence of Life: Remixes

Portuguese superstar SoundLift is back on Abora Recordings to present a remix package of his acclaimed tune "Essence of Life".

Starting off this release is the captivating Night Sky remix that captures the best of the original to turn it into an epic arrangement, blending a very emotional orchestral breakdown with an astonishing climax filled with ethereal melodies.

Next up on remix duties is one of Germany's finest artists of the moment, Etasonic. Providing a breath-taking remix, with its utopian breakdown mixed up with, again, an excellent climax, Etasonic sure knows how to make the audience fly!

Also included in this release is Etasonic's club mix, for a more straight-forward breakdown which is a perfect fit in every uplifting set. Also included is Etasonic's radio edit.

It is no secret that SoundLift's tunes are usually great remix material, and it's again confirmed with these two beautiful remixes.



1. Essence of Life (Night Sky Remix) [6:51]
2. Essence of Life (Etasonic Remix) [9:06]
3. Essence of Life (Etasonic Club Mix) [8:10]
4. Essence of Life (Etasonic Radio Edit) [3:47]

Release Date: November 25, 2016
Catalog Number: ABRD127