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SoundLift - Ibiza / Summer Breeze

Time to bring out your guitars and head to the beach! It's summer, and SoundLift has made some music perfect to enjoy this time of year!

We begin with an acoustic guitar: Ibiza is a wonderful 128 bpm Balearic progressive track. It has a fantastic Balearic bass and a very nice groove. The star of the show is the acoustic guitar, played live by SoundLift, which is complemented by a nice pluck. Ibiza will make you dream about exotic beaches and landscapes with summer written all over the place.

Next up is an electric guitar! Summer Breeze is a perfect summer peak-time uplifting trancer. The rich heavy bassline will by itself give you goosebumps. The vibe is dreamy, even-otherworldly and soothing, perfect for closing your eyes and dancing to the beat or just relaxing and zoning out.

The star of the show is of course SoundLift's electric guitar, which he plays live on his Fender Stratocaster. The combination of the guitar and the plucks after the break creates a massive experience for the listener. And before the break, a smooth piano introduces the perfect atmosphere and summer vibe of this masterpiece.

Just 6:10 long, this is the shortest trance track SoundLift has made in years. No orchestral instruments at all here, and the breakdown is super short. Just the guitar, some nice plucks, solid beats, dreamy vibes, and the summer!

Do not miss this very special release!!

Release Date: August 18, 2014
Catalog Number: ABRD080