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Petr Lesko, known as Spark7, was interested in music since his childhood. He had always been impressed by the sound of piano. He started learning how to play piano at the age of 13, but he improved very quickly because he already knew most of the basics for playing on a piano as an instrument.

With time, Petr started listening more often to electronic music. Getting closer to the sound of the club music he discovered several radio shows that were mainly for Trance and Progressive. As Trance became his favorite genre as music, it also influenced him for his own sound. People such as Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Schiller, Roger Shah and more are responsible for the development of his talent.

The more he was into the sound of Trance music, his will to start creating his own productions was growing stronger. His big ambitions are the reason for him to be hard-working as a producer. After two years of practicing, surprisingly he receives an e-mail with an offer to sign one of his productions to a label. The label located the song on a website, where he published all of his productions and at the edge of 17 he did his first release with two songs.

Since then, Spark7 was sending almost every track he produces to several labels with the hope to get signed. His most successful release was his EP – ‘Balearic Ecstasy’, signed to WellMixed Records, which got support for people such as Markus Schulz, Stoneface & Terminal, Maarten de Jong and more. After the success of his EP he managed to sign a few more songs to other labels like Eyereflex Records, Infinity Loop Music and Trance All-Stars Records.

Five months later, Petr’s life changes when Pedro Del Mar contacts him because he is interested into his music. He signs with Shah Music for a release. He was also discovered by other names in the scene, but they are still a secret to the Trance audience.

Nowadays, Spark7 is member of several big labels and receives very often remix requests by big names from the Trance scene. His strongest ability is to create a quality production even for a day, but that’s because he already got the inspiration and the idea how to produce it.

One of his main goals is to reach big heights, such as to perform in front of a big audience and most importantly to see the fans enjoying his gig. Slowly progressing forward, he already made the next big step into his own music career. Petr starts his own radio show, entitled ‘The Secret of Trance’ and the first episode is set to be aired in December 2009.

Spark7 is a strongly talented producer who has amazing people behind his back. A bright future in the music scene is expecting him. He already had put the basics and the ideas of working with amazing and talented – new and known faces, from the Trance scene. He is always open to new people who are ready to work hard – vocalists, songwriter and producers. Petr Lesko, aka Spark7, is a new and fresh producer who is ready to rock the club scene with his own productions.

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