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Subimpact vs Sergey Shabanov - Lotus of the Nile

Listen to the Original Mix here.
Listen to the Chillout Mix here

After many fan requests, Algerian duo Kheiro & Medi have revived their beloved Subimpact project and bring to Abora their latest wonderful emotional release: 'Lotus of the Nile', in collaboration with Russian producer Sergey Shabanov. This is light upbeat uplifting trance that will also give you a nice sense of peace.

The Original Mix and the shorter Radio Edit contain plenty of new fresh sounds that will make you feel the wild vibe of nature as if you were near the Nile River with the use of woodwind instruments.

The Sergey Shabanov Chillout Mix is an absolutely amazing piece of uplifting chillout music. Beautiful and emotional, yet incredibly relaxing, quiet, and peaceful.

This calm, ambient interpretation of the original is perfect for rest and relaxation, or to uplift you in a calm, quiet, relaxed state, or just to help you zone out and disappear from the world.

We hope you will enjoy this release!

Release Date: March 18, 2015
Catalog Number: ABRD088