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Theo Levi Fischer & Johannes Fischer - Winds of Ararat

Our label Abora Chillout is delighted to host one of the most anticipated tracks in the new 'Winds of Aarat EP' produced by Johannes Fischer and Theo Levi Fischer!

'Winds of Aarat' is a mesmerizing combination of cellos and violins nostalgic melodies, fused with  harmonic toms and percussions with touchy piano notes to form a magnificent release.

'Kanchoun em Ari, Ari' is one of the most touching gems that will hit you right in the feels, with its smooth drive and eastern atmosphere, harmonic piano notes, fused with nostalgic flute melodies and combined with Angelic vibes which will lift you to the world of memories.

'Kanchoun em Ari, Ari (Piano Version)' is a pure magic of piano notes , it is harmonic, deep and tuneful which will take you into a journey to the world of positive vibes, it's a perfect gym for meditation, relaxing.

Wait no more and grab this release!


  1. Winds of Ararat (Original Mix) [3:28]
  2. Kanchoun em Ari, Ari (Original Mix) [3:29]
  3. Kanchoun em Ari, Ari (Piano Version) [3:31]


Release Date: September 30, 2020
Catalog Number: ABCH056

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