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Tycoos & Night Sky - Ethereal

Two of the most prominent producers in the uplifting trance scene team up to bring a pioneering track. This is 'Ethereal' from Tycoos and Night Sky.

You can hear the compositional experience of these two producers from the first few seconds of this release. The clean drums mixed with the melancholic harmonies give a unique feel that only trance can provide.

The break is emotional and straight-forward, leading into one of the most epic melodies of 2018.

This collaboration was highly anticipated and has provided exactly what fans needed: a high quality and complex uplifting trance track that will make your whole body move from head to toe!


1. Ethereal (Original Mix) [6:14]
2. Ethereal (Radio Edit) [3:55]

Release Date: August 20, 2018
Catalog Number: ABRD177