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Vanilla Potatoyes - Careless Whisper / Cosmic Flight

Our label Abora Chillout is delighted to host a new release by Vanilla Potatoyes entitled 'Careless Whisper / Cosmic Flight'.

'Careless Whisper' delivers relaxing guitar melodies combined with angelic pure pads full of calming and chilling vibes. It also features light background French spoken lyrics delivered by magical vocals.

'Cosmic Flight' has smooth harmonic pads full of pure vibes. It also features calming guitar touches fused with cool percussions and sweet melodies that will take you to the world of mind and soul relaxation.

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  1. Careless Whisper (Original Mix) [4:26]
  2. Cosmic Flight (Original Mix) [3:28]

Release Date: July 21, 2021
Catalog Number: ABCH067

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