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Six Senses

Born on the sixth of June 1979 Sebastiaan Spang, better known as Six Senses, grew up in the small town of de Krim in the Netherlands. He comes from a fairly musical family, especially on his mothers side so it wasn’t a big surprise that he would also had a great interest in music.

It all started at a very young age, beginning on his grandmothers electronic organ and the feeling for music began to grow. Soon he started taking keyboard lessons and later on, on an electronic organ. Sebastiaan also listened to a lot of synthesizer music from Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis in that period. He didn’t realized that that would be his inspiration for becoming a producer when he got older.

The first computer based music he produced was on his old Commodore 64 and was classical orientated. Later on he discovered dance music. He began producing hardcore/gabber with a program called Fasttracker. In that time he met a very open minded producer, Don Diablo who helped Sebastiaan alot. He also discovered the more melodical type of dance music called trance, which was beginning to gain more and more popularity in the Netherlands.

He started listening to trance and developed a great enthusiasm for it. Music from DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten really pushed him to also start producing trance music. His dream was to produce tracks which would give the listeners goosebumps.

With the great development of new software based producing programs his dream is beginning to come true with his sound becoming well know on the dance floor. Sebastiaan has recently signed up to several labels. The sound of Six Senses, which can be described as uplifting trance, is going to be spread. You can expect a lot more from this talented producer and dj in the in the future.

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